Experiencing the Existence of GOD…

February 14, 2019


The existence of GOD has been a matter of emphatic debates in the philosophy of religion and popular culture for the last many centuries.A wide variety of arguments for and against the existence oGod have been put forth by many learned individuals,atheists,philosophers and thinkers. I would like to share with you my point of view on this subject and would like to explain the same with a small story.
To begin with,on a lighter vein,would mention and everyone knows that barber shops and paan shops are the epicenters of overflowing knowledge because of the varied clientele visiting them.Every male frequents them at regular intervals and all kinds of discussions, be it spiritual,educational,religious or political are carried out with a lot of gusto. The ladies, not to be left out, participate in such debates when at beauty parlours. Men visit the barber shops to get entertained as well and spend a lot of time while the barber is attending to their mane and facial hair.
Now,one day, a client was sitting in the chair at the Barber shop while his hair and beard were being trimmed. The Barber during one such debates on spirituality- happened to mention that he was convinced with the fact that there is NO existence of GOD or any SUPERPOWER and could not find any logic supporting this as well. To this,the person sitting in the chair replied with conviction that YES, i am of the firm belief that GOD surely exists.
The Barber replied back providing his arguments to support the statement that if GOD really existed,then why in this world was there a lot of suffering,why would GOD not look after the orphans,beggars,homeless people and poverty-stricken masses of the world. The Barber was very adamant with his opinion and tried to give further reasons as to why he was very confident of the statement that there is NO existence of GOD. Now the person in the chair was rendered speechless, but he left the shop as his mane and beard had been catered to.
Even though,the person had not debated further on the topic with the Barber but he wanted to make sure that the Barber would have to be convinced with a befitting live example on the existence of GOD because only then he would be able to contradict the logic given by the Barber. So,as he was walking back towards his home,he could see a man coming at a distance and as the man came nearer,this person could see that the man was very shabby with long,dirty unkempt hair and beard. The man forcibly took this person by the hand and went back to the Barber shop. On reaching the Barber shop,the man said to the Barber that you can see the shabby unkempt hair and beard this person is carrying. The Barber agreed that the person actually was in a shoddy state with long ,scruffy hair and a dirty beard as well. To this, the man said to the Barber that the reason of his shabby look is because this person does NOT believe in the existence of Barbers.The person is of the opinion that there are no Barbers in this world. This statement of the man made the Barber retort back that Barbers do exist and people need to search/seek for him to find him.Even if you shout for me in the streets, only then can i reply back in the affirmative that i am available to cater to your requirements.Only if people look out / search for /ask for me then only can i be found. The man replied that this exactly my friend is the answer to your doubting the existence of GOD.
Hence,I would like to conclude here by saying that – Seek and you shall Find,Ask for and you shall Receive,Place your concerns/troubles with GOD and he shall address each one of them in his time.The only logic that explains the existence of GOD is our unfaltering FAITH[without doubts] and our belief that GOD will be with us as our Guide whenever we sincerely seek for HIM. 

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