About us


Founded in 1996, the academy has made hundreds of success stories of entrepreneurs & aim to develop millions of success stories. Our training & coaching are Practitioner-led, Practical & Tackle the current business challenges our clients face today.

The Academy offers an environment of resourceful learning which is a heaven for the aspiring individuals to discover their Potential, sharpen their Skills & to transform themselves into skilled personnel or entrepreneurs; this is achievable through distinctive training modules, professional faculty & cutting edge technology.


While the Genius Temple is modern by way of its innovative approach to psychology and therapy, it also draws on an ancient tradition. Instead of an education based on books and private study, our student will learn according to one of the most ancient educational techniques there is an apprenticeship. Throughout the course of your study,  you will be greatly experienced both in the theory and practice of working with people.

The Genius Temple is focused on the fulfillment of the human spirit. It has a very positive orientation to understanding and encouraging the realization of this potential. You will, therefore, gain not only an appreciation of the human psyche and mental disorder; you will also gain a rich and deep understanding of the elements required for self-realization. In addition, you will gradually discover your creative depth and be supported in giving expression to it.

At most universities, the study is the first priority and friendship is something you try to manage in your spare time. At Genius Temple friendship is the very essence of the study. You will be learning about friendship in all its dimensions. Friendship is the peak experience in The Art of Being Human. For this reason, the cornerstone of your study will be learning The Art of Friendship, the highest of all The Human Arts. At first, this may sound superficial, but in practice, you will find that mastering The Art of friendship requires a profound appreciation of yourself and all aspects of the human psyche. Being a true friend is the highest accomplishment one human being can reach in relation to another. The Genius Temple teaches this art.

The Genius Temple specializes in the field of human psychology and particularly, humanistic and trans-personal principles. Nevertheless, you will meet people from all walks of life and professional disciplines who come to the Genius Temple for study and personal growth. The great benefit of this specialization is that we can focus its energy, talent, and resources exclusively in this direction for your benefit. Even though it does specialize in this way, you will see from the study plans a well-rounded selection of study options, including meditation, addiction studies, healing arts, martial arts and creative arts.


Genius Temple as the name suggests is a Spiritual based educational institute working since last 17 years in Indore city. It has 8 branches altogether in Indore. It is lead by a dedicated board of Directors, as well as professionals.

Now, Genius Temple offers different courses for all age groups. Its main aim is to turn the potentials of each and every one to their best performance. It works on every aspect of an individual to open and enhance his or her personality. Approximate 1000 students per day are a part of this institute and uncountable numbers of students have passed out from here.