Learners English


A beautifully designed program considering the need of the new learner. It is good for all those who want to learn from the grass root level.

Course Detail

  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Words Exercises
  • Sentence Formation
  • Written Exercises
  • Vocabulary
  • Periodical Tests
  • Conversation
  • Confidence Building
  • Listening


This course is specially designed for the person who wants to develop the language from the grass root level. As we all know that English has been now the most important factor for achieving success in life. Without English, many fields will be difficult to clear. The basic concept must be clear to score good marks in the grammar section. And for performance in speaking accuracy is required.


Participant feels confident and increases his command on language after completion of the program. The specially designed session based on practical concepts, enable a participant to reduce the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical performance.

Key Learning

This program is designed for the beginner. A person who wants to start from the basics. The key area of learning is listening, reading, speaking, sentence formation, confidence building, and practical grammar. The main purpose of this course is to enable participants to gain confidence and accuracy over the language.