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OSHIN International School

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  1. No competition
  2. No comparison
  3. No fear of examination
  4. No bag
  5. No home work
  6. Balancing RIGHT & LEFT Brain
  7. Meditation & Love based education

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  1. Verbal /Linguistic Intelligence
  2. Mathematical /Rhythmic Intelligence
  3. Musical /Rhythmic Intelligence
  4. Visual /Spatial Intelligence
  5. Body /Kinesthetic Intelligence
  6. Inter-Personal Intelligence
  7. Intra-Personal Intelligence
  8. Naturalistic Intelligence
  9. Total audio visual education

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Sleep teaching method first time in India. Training workshops for parents. Meditation techniques to enhance coordination, memory, concentration, creativity. English & one foreign language Personality development training through games Vedic maths Abacus Reasoning PQ,IQ, EQ & SQ Development Balancing Right/Left brain Working on all 8 intelligence Stress free & playful environment[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Vision” tab_id=”1484749766327-36067295-0636″][vc_column_text css_animation=”top-to-bottom”]Oshin student is learning Gurukul sanskar and corporate etiquettes manners together. Oshin student is getting an adventure games with Buddha vipasna meditation. ABC to MBA (K.G to P.G.) with Personality Development training. First time, special training programmes are available for parents to nurture their kids in multi dimensional modes of life. Oshin student will be master of communication skills, effective public speaking, leadership & team work. Oshin student will know vedic maths, reasoning, abacus, & performing arts together. Oshin student will be having swimming, sandpit games, horse & elephant riding, outdoor picnics. Oshin student will be having good command on hindi, English, French & their mother tongue. Oshin student will have grace of Buddha & genius of Einstein together. Oshin student will have courage of soldier, creativity of scientist & sensitivity of sanyasy. Well qualified, very loving, caring teachers are giving them right opening & mother care. Oshin student will be having audio visual classroom, computer lab for knowledge updation


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Read more about Oshin School

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OSHIN School: Franchisee benefits:

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Oshin Gurukul

It’s an upcoming project at Mahu (40 minutes from Indore). Lush green campus with all modern amenities. A big size swimming pool, adventure park, library, food court, solitary walk through in natures lap.
Residential meditation camps will be conducted. Here people can stay and learn Life Management, Meditation &deep Silence.
0ne can stay leisurely, relaxed & centered with dense nature. Surrounded by mountains, all-time chirping birds and all audio visual facilities for meditation and introspection.
The Oshin Gurukul is available for meditation camps and training programs.

If you want to feel this paradise

Feel free to contact: Mukesh Soni (Prem Neer) – 07869718377, 09826465712

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