Life Management

A very extraordinary and distinctive course of only 6 days makes people complete. Starts with health training, attitude building & objective setting, life journey goes to creativity, team building & art of sharing than we learn activation of right and left brain, development of all 9 intelligence, stress management, and skills for an intimate relationship. And finally, the activation of seven chakras, willpower and surrender with scientific Meditation techniques.


Work on Body

  • The mystery of the Human Body
  • The Wisdom of the body
  • Eating Habits
  • Live Healthy without doctor & Medicine

Work on Mind

  • Activation of Right brain & Left Brain
  • Scientific Experiments

Work On Emotions

  • Male Female Relationship
  • Mother-Father relationship
  • Generation Gap

Practicality of Life

  • Money management
  • First aid
  • Self Defense

Stress & Meditation

  • Sublimation of Anger, Anxiety and Lust.
  • How to be joyful without any reason

Multiple intelligence

  • Creativity Enhancing Exercises
  • Inter-Personal& Intra-Personal Relationship.

Social Awareness

  • Fundamental Rights (RTI, RTE)
  • LPG, Petrol. Extended Bills
  • Social Responsibility

Practicality of Life

  • AIDS
  • Global Warming, Meritocracy
  • Learning attitude
  • Paritrapti: How can we help Society

Zorba the Buddha

  • The world of Magnificent entrepreneurs
  • The world of Mystical Enlightened beings

Answering Life

  • Answers to all misunderstanding – Ambition, Being special, Inferiority, Love affairs and superstitions.
  • Personal Counseling Sessions

Duration :- 6 days ( Every day 2 hours.)

Registration :- Morning & Evening Batches are available in every month at Genius Temple.

Call : 07312433224 , 07312433223


Meditation is one of our oldest concept of India.

Meditation doesn’t mean that you have to concentrate on one thing for long time, in that way, you are giving stress to your mind.

We provide some technique which makes meditation more enjoyable, it’s a knack through which we can turn our potential in performance it reveals the ultimate possibility of our hidden talents and energy.

It makes person vital, contented, compassionate and understanding.

Join 1 , 3 or 7 days Meditation workshops.