Tushar Gawade

Director, Learning & Development

“ I make people recognise their potential, by connecting their inner and outer capabilities.”

He is an renowned Training & Development Human Resource professional, who has assisted many of the world’s leading multi-national organizations in competitive Corporate markets, assisting them to realize the potential of their most important asset – their people, with outcome based, measurable interventions and value-add Training & Development, Human Resource and Organizational Development projects. He brings with him an extensive range of training experience and is considered to be one of the Central India’s leading sales training facilitators having a wealth of knowledge in this particular discipline. He combines a practical facilitating style with a broad range of management training experience, allied to his personal enthusiasm and sense of humor, to present dynamic and informative programmers that participating audiences find easy to relate to. Through his extremely participative and interactive programmes he leads people to develop advanced sales, communication techniques and management strategies, resulting in their personal growth.



Head Genius Temple (Ram bag Branch)

“we use language in all dimensions of life. we write, read, listen 25% but we talk 75% and we do not get any training of how to speak impressively in all academic education. I am here to make all comfortable and compatible in communication.”

She is Graduate in Computer Science and also holds an MBA degree. She has been working as Centre – Head Genius Temple (Ram bag Branch) for 6 years. As Per her “We use language in all dimensions of life. We write, read, listen 25% but we speak 75% and we do not get any training of how to speak impressively in our all academic education. I am here to make all comfortable and compitable in communication.”


Kiran Sadani

Senior Trainer & Motivator

“ I can see people with their hidden possibilities. and I know how to open their feathers to let them fly in the vast sky of their potential. With the god’s grace I made thousands blossoms.”

M.COM & Specialization in English training and communication. She has been teaching English and communication for 15 years in leading institutes of indore and now became chief trainer in Genius Temple for Personality Development and Mastering language course.



Director at Finishing School, Genius Temple 


“Capt. Jaison Thomas is an Ex. Army officer and An accomplished professional with rich experience of 15 years and 2 months in Business Development,  Sales & Marketing, Product Promotion / Launches, Team Management and Training & Development.”

An exemplary communicator with proven skills in Content Development, designing & conducting customised training programmes geared towards optimising knowledge and operational efficiencies of client organisations. Expertise in conducting training programmes in the areas of Leadership Skills, Personality Transformation, Verbal Skills Development and Motivation. Possess experience in HR interviews for Trainers.