What is the duration and fees for learner English and expert English courses ?

Duration for learner and expert is 60 days each and fees depends on the course. For more information on the fees and courses please call our head office or mail us on our email id.

How can I learn Life Management, what is the duration of this course and right age group to join this course ?

Well, Life Management course is for all age group (16 to 80 years), and it can be done in three parts of 7 days. Duration of this course is 21 days but it is divided into three parts Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram of 7 days each( 2 hours every day). Every month batches are formed.

How can we get corporate training program at our company?

You can call a faculty from Genius Temple to have a seminar on the topics covered in corporate training.

Who can participate in WISDOM program?

Wisdom program is made for only kids, age between 4 to 14 years. Classes are conducted only on Sundays from 9 am to 1 pm at every Genius Temple center. It is 18 months program.

What type of meditation methods are being taught at genius temple.

Methods might be various but meditation is one. To learn the very knack of pacifying the body, mind, and emotions. And to enter in inner bliss. So we use all traditional and modern methods, which can be use full to attend the state of ultimate relaxation with total awareness.

How can house wives attend any of your courses.

We are always having special housewives batches at afternoon for English or personality development or meditation yoga or dance or for Gorgeous famina ( a very special course designed for all age group females).

How can we arrange LIFE MANAGEMENT training at our collage , school or at our organization ?

You just have to make a call for a one-hour Seminar on life management, then we can arrange weekly 2 hours classes for different groups of participants and group can be of maximum 100 people.

Is there any special program for engineering students?

yes, a very special course material and training program are given to make students an employable engineer. From grooming to GDPI, PRESENTATION SKILLS and all required techniques and training are being given.

Is there any foreign language training for all age group ?

yes, we are having regular batches for French & German language in morning and in evening round the year.

How can we learn meditation at genius temple?

You can better start on Sunday at 8: 30 am at starlit tower, fourth floor Indore. Every Sunday one hour meditation program is going on under the guidance of Swamiji. Then you can attend 1 day or 3 days of meditation workshops. Just give a call and you will get all the information.