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Be Aware of Personality Development

June 10, 2013

Everyone is in need of development. Everybody wants to go ahead, wants to earn best, wants to be famous among people. And this hankering makes him find the personality development. Without knowing what exactly the personality is? A person wants to develop it. Let’s understand what personality is?

We have come into this world without any name, cast, and cult. Schools and colleges gave us a sense of competition and comparison. Society gave us the sense of honor and character. These all made our personality. What do they mean? Be smart that no one could befool you, no one could misuse you. But deep down they are saying, be smart to befool others, be smart to misuse others. Be smart like the western concept to misuse and throw. They never teach you to be loving and compassionate. Because one who is heartful is weak and feeble. You should not be vulnerable; you must be hard and professional. Then only you can misuse and throw people. You must be having willpower, resolution and you should never surrender. And I must tell you, if you have willpower but not the art of surrender and love, you will be dry and dictator. No one takes care of your original being. What I feel is that you must try to find out your original face and authentic nature. What God has provided you. My master would say to me, “ Every day God comes to people but he doesn’t find them on their right address.” Because he made an artist has become a doctor. He made a leader and that pleader has become a saint. It’s only because the society was demanding an MBA or Doctor or anything else. So everybody without caring his original nature becomes that. So God goes to the artist and he doesn’t find him because the person is trying to be something else. Until and unless you peep inside, you will not find the right solution. You should have the proper understanding of physical, mental, emotional and especially the spiritual needs and caliber. Without this, you can win the same, money and status but you will souse the very ecstasy, love, creativity, and art of relationship in your life. You may be ahead of a few people but you have lost the original life. And then, you use the words like satisfaction. But you can’t be fulfilled and contented. Be alert of this sort of personality development. Be original as God has made you. You are very unique, matchless and incomparable. Honor God and find out why are you here? What hidden potential is waiting to be explored.

And that art of finding the real and original person is meditation. We need right guidance, living atmosphere to grow. As a seed needs right water, sunlight and dares to open. Then a seed can come out with its all possible colors, fragrance, and fruits.

Sit silently and let it come out. Your program is hidden within you. Just sit and close your eyes. Let your thoughts settle. Don’t try to stop them. Wait and watch. As soon as borrowed thoughts settle, your original face will start to reveal itself.

And as you start to live in according to your innermost. Life becomes all-time celebration. Not only you but your surroundings also start to feel that coolness and blossoming with you.

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