GDPI Preparation

GDPI Preparation

The most Experienced team of Faculty mentors presents:-

A comprehensive GDPI Preparation Program to all students ensuring that smallest of the points required for the preparation is taken care of.

While preparing for group discussion GT mentors helps a candidate to understand the topic& making right attitude, self-confidence, the presence of mind and leadership skills. And for personal interview mentors make candidates smart enough to create an impact within the limited time frame&under pressure. Every candidate needs to be well prepared before facing the panelists.

The training in this course clears each step of the selection process and throws light on what is expected of a student at a GD/PI. Each student will have personal counseling sessions with one of the faculty mentors either physically or through a highly interactive video conference mode. Students need to identify where they currently stand and which skills they need polishing.

GT mentors have an ability to help the average person to get results not only results from people who are already experienced and smart.