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February 20, 2019


A well balanced and appropriate diet is the most important element of our daily routine.But,to optimize the process of food consumption and then digestion,we need to deeply understand these three factors–of the type of food to be taken,when should it be taken and how ; with which mental state should it be taken into our body. The appropriate type of food should be such, that it may not generate any kind of unwanted stimuli [aggression] to your conscious mind and should be taken while in a pleasant state of mind.Because, if your mind is not calm but agitated due to some reason / some quarrel and you sit down to eat,that food gets transformed into bad & violent thoughts. The food should be consumed very slowly as if doing a sacred ritual and then the food in front of us becomes the devotional offering / gracious gift to be taken in with utmost respect. The activity of having food should be revered while understanding that it is an offering , start having it lovingly along with the most conscious beautiful thoughts.

I also would like to share the example from the current times,whether be it the joint families / nuclear ones,the elders always nag the youngsters; advising them against having junk/fast foods like kachchori,samosa,pizza,burger,sev-mixture etc.They constantly insist that their kids / young ones should be consuming the appropriate food items but the irony is that these elders themselves buy these junk food items from the market to home.We need to start with ourselves and pro-actively change few habits to achieve the slow but sure transformation through the most basic process of consuming food.For changing our habits, we all would have to create a supportive and advantageous environment so that we are not distracted towards wrong habits.

Like in case,if a person from Indore be given a choice between appropriate healthy foods like juicy fruits on one table and on another table he sees kachchori,poha with sev, jalebi,samosa etc.then the person would obviously throw caution/advise to the winds and start munching on the junk foods kept on the second table.This may sound funny, but the saddening part is that such junk foods have slowly replaced our staple foods like roti,sabzi,rice etc. The current generation, instead of having a proper diet, is filling their stomachs with these fast foods like kachchoris for breakfast,bake samosas for lunch and pizzas for dinner.These junk foods may be good in taste,can be had once in a while, but I would not recommend them to be included into our regular diet.Also,the foods we intake should be according to the climatic and temperature conditions we live in. As for Indian environment,the foods should necessarily include wheat,grains,maize,cereals,rice etc. Because,the appropriate diet and calorie intake is mandatory to provide & maintain the requisite energy levels to our body and thereby to our mind. The foods get converted into energy during the digestion process and this energy acts as the fuel for all our bodily & mental mechanisms.The lack of this very energy causes our mental capacities to diminish,we start feeling exhausted and irritated over small matters, thus hampering our personal relationships. Therefore,eating a variety of foods helps maintain a healthy and interesting diet which provides a range of different nutrients to the body. Eating a variety of foods promotes good health and can help reduce the risk of diseases as well. 

Hence,it is rightly said that “A healthy Mind can only stay in a healthy Body” and the food we consume can either build us or ruin us.  

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