How to become Powerful through SILENCE

January 28, 2019


Through my personal experience i would like to share that the the best way to succeed / to accumulate strength is through the route of  “Silence”. Whatever i have achieved in LIFE has been by walking on this path of being silent. Silence… because as soon as you become silent,close to 80% of your energy stops going outside.
There is a general misconception that most of our energy loss is due to intercourse and now science has also proven this that comparatively more energy is consumed during talking than during intercourse. If we want to follow celibacy [Brahmacharya] to control our self then i suggest it’s better to control our conversing. Speak less, limit your conversations to bare minimum[telegraphic]…reach the stage of “Partial Silence” and then gradually reach “Complete Silence”[temporary].
At Genius Temple,we do a seminar from morning 7am to evening 7pm of 12 hrs with around approx 50 people with me. So,during the course of the day the entire team practices to not speak anything and i as the facilitator speak only the instructions / techniques of how to proceed.Hence,at the end of the seminar the attendees feel bloated with energy . I say to them that it is not me but they themselves who have generated the energy and accumulated it throughout the day. I assist them with the realization that they had started the day as empty vessels,generated energy internally,were with themselves meditating in silence the whole day. All were doing this with full consciousness without connecting with others in the room and eventually in the evening their inside became full of overbearing energy.
 I would like to suggest you to come and join us for such seminars maybe of 1 or 3 or 5 days as per your convenience. During the seminar of 5 days,all the 50 of us together remain in utmost silence .Its better to attempt this with a group for better enjoyment and for training our minds. I would also intentionally mention here that the best possible place for mediation is inside our homes and not any of the ashrams / gurusthaan / caves of Himalayas / pilgrim centers of this world.
Choose any convenient corner of your home and start practicing. So take training here like a school to go deeper into meditation at your home, i have only facilitated the know-how / procedure to do the same. So,from now on start towards finding yourself , finding “Silence” in chaos. Because the Creator himself is the best example of Silence as nobody ever has been able to listen to the Almighty’s voice. We have to be one with the Creator and for that the medium is “SILENCE”

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