The secret for healthy relationships…

February 26, 2019


Healthy relationships with our partner and family members can enhance our life and make everyone feel good about themselves. They don’t just happen though; healthy relationships take time to build and need work to keep them healthy. The more positive effort that you put into a relationship, the healthier it would become. 
I would share few instances that I have come across while interacting with the current generation.They keep complaining about being unable to cope up with their relationships. The challenge is that they have started to search for business opportunities within relationships.The new fad of Multi-Level Marketing,selling life insurance or inhouse business schemes has further complicated the already strained relations where people tend to make members out of their uncles/relatives for fringe monetary benefits.This trend has pushed the love out of our otherwise cordial relationships.We need to increase the feeling of bonding & love in our relations.The best thing would be to build lasting relations while doing our businesses. We should through our integrity and open communications- try and convert the customer in our businesses into our close confidante.Such a customer would then start to respect,love and support us.Hence,I would highly recommend you to develop relations within the business.
A real life example in the current scenario is the complaint of the new-age moms that their kid/children are not attached to them.Their grouse is that their kids have become self-centred and do not pay heed to motherly concern.The kids try to spend more time away from mothers and with their friends circle.This pains the mothers no end.I would like to mention here the analogy given in a lighter vein by a very famous personality that -earlier the mother’s used to wipe off the running nose of their kids with the loose end of their sarees and nowadays in contrast,the new-age mom would start searching for tissue papers on seeing the same.
I would like to share a small story to make you further understand the above concept- One day,Rukmani asked Lord Krishna that between his two sisters namely;Subhadra and Draupadi,what made him more attached to Draupadi. Rukmani mentioned that she knew very well that Lord Krishna loved them both equally, but the Lord was all praise for Draupadi always. On hearing this,the Lord asked Rukmani to follow him as he first reached the palace,intentionally pricked his index finger and it started bleeding.The Lord called out to Subhadra to come fast and see that his finder was bleeding.On seeing this, Subhadra panicked ; started running around & calling out her servants to rush along with first-aid to attend to the bleeding finger. Soon after, Lord Krishna moved to the adjacent room of Draupadi and on seeing the bleeding finger of the Lord, without losing a moment,she tore a piece of cloth from her saree and immediately bandaged the finger with it to stop the blood flow.Rukmani witnessed both the events and said that now she clearly had understood why Draupadi was more close to the Lord.
 Hence, to build and sustain healthy relationships,we should invest our time,appreciate others efforts,develop our people skills,love unconditionally,be empathetic and avoid gossiping.People who have healthy relationships are more likely to feel happier and satisfied with their lives. 

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