Human Misery : Causes and Remedy…

February 21, 2019


Why do we suffer in this life is the most pertinent question which we all have been seeking since ages.While humans make themselves suffer in many ways,they are not born to endure agony or be miserable. We have come into this life to be able to enjoy the journey of self-realization by being happy,content and motivated.There are many ways & means to invite misery ;one of them being our tendency of expecting and second is lack of self awareness.I would here like to share a very small incident to make you all understand as to what are the causes and the way out of our miseries.I hope that the below incident would help you understand the appropriate approach to be undertaken in our life to avoid stress,anxiety and misery.
Once,there was an old man-a senior citizen who was travelling by train.During the journey,it so happened that he lost his wallet and was frantically searching for it among his fellow-travelers. A ticket-checker,recently appointed in his early twenties, who was in the nearby cabin,was watching the entire commotion with amusement.After few minutes of watching, he joined in with the old man in his search for the wallet. After a while,the ticket-checker finally found the wallet where it had fallen ; picking it up,he asked the old man to share few things like the make or the contents of the wallet to validate his claim on the wallet. This made the old man perplexed due to his advancing age,he said that the only thing that he could remember was that, his wallet contained a small picture of Lord Krishna. The ticket-checker now , just for the sake of killing time during the travel started to probe more,saying that the small picture of Lord Krishna cannot be the basis of the old man’s claim on the wallet,as it was very common for people to keep such pictures of Gods & Goddesses in their wallets. The ticket-checker prodded the old man further to share more specific details for claiming the wallet but the old man expressed his forgetfulness that he could not remember any other details about his wallet. The ticket-checker observed that while mentioning the fact of the presence of the small picture of Lord Krishna in his wallet, the old man’s eyes had got swelled up with tears. The amusement of the ticket-checker now turned into curiousness and he took the old man aside to know the reason.The old man said that there was a long story behind his keeping the picture of Lord Krishna in his wallet and the ticket-checker requested the old man to share the entire episode.
The old man mentioned that the said wallet was a birthday present from his parents during his childhood years.Initially, i had kept a photo of my father & mother,then when i reached teenage years,i started keeping my own photo as i was absolutely smitten by my own handsome self. Few years later,i fell madly in love with a beautiful girl and started keeping her picture in my wallet. As luck would have it,i was fortunate to get married to that very girl on reaching adulthood.We went into the family way and God in all his kindness, blessed us with a baby boy after few years of our marriage. Now,my new born boy had become the centre of all my affection,he grew up to be a very cute child and I started to keep his photo in my wallet.I thought of myself to be the happiest person by just watching my son play and progress. As the years went on by,one by one i lost my parents and then my life partner as well.My son, on reaching his adulthood became engrossed with his career & family life [wife & kids] and started neglecting my presence and requirements.Now the same photo of my son in the wallet was no longer my reason to rejoice but was causing me tremendous amount of misery.
So,one of my friend advised me that i had adopted an absolutely wrong approach to Life and this was the cause of my misery.The correct approach would be to keep the picture of GOD in the wallet according to my faith,because only GOD-the Almighty is the source & stream of continuous happiness & contentment.Ever since the realization of this truth,I have started keeping the picture of Lord Krishna in my wallet. On listening to this,the ticket-checker asked the old man that what made him emotional then. The old man replied in a sad voice that I kept running after worldly things, not realizing the eternal truth that only GOD is our permanent companion.It took me almost 60 long years and I sincerely regret the delay caused due to my lack of timely wisdom.If only had i started keeping the picture of Lord Krishna in the wallet since my childhood years,I would not have had to endure so much misery & pain.I would not have had taken a false approach and would correctly have had rested my faith with the permanent one-The Creator who is Supreme,Immortal and Omnipotent.
Hence,to avoid misery & suffering, l would sincerely advice that our approach should always be towards the Divine and meditating to be in alignment with the Supreme

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