LIFE MANAGEMENT-Awareness is the Key…

February 13, 2019


Our Life in this world is the most beautiful and valuable gift bestowed upon us by the ALMIGHTY-CREATOR.Our innumerable blessings are namely- our body,our consciousness,the emotional structure and these are absolutely astounding. We may have heard many speakers who also are of the opinion that our existing knowledge and education system is somewhat incomplete.It does not work on improving our bodily health or does very little to guide us on how to enlighten our consciousness and many other such gaps we do come across. Therefore, once during my meditation,the thought dawned on me that why cannot we instead of complaining of what has not been said/done yet, focus our entire energies and actions on designing something to cater to this very void. Hence,me and my team have chalked out an extensive course namely- LIFE MANAGEMENT
Definition : Good life management ensures that every facet of our life grows as naturally as it should. Without good life management, we tend to neglect some vital aspects of our personal growth while overemphasizing the less vital ones.
Hence,in this expansive course,we have assimilated 12 aspects which are necessary for us to lead a beautiful,happy,fruitful and content life. Since,these aspects have been entirely left out in the school/college curriculum and we do not intend to crib for the same here. Instead,I believe for overcoming this shortcoming,we should draw a longer line and the purpose would get resolved with our persistent efforts. We have put a lot of creative thought in devising the course.Around 1000 plus people till date have undergone this course with remarkable results when the learning were put into practice.
Since,there are 12 aspects of this course and we would be taking you through one of them-namely and most importantly HEALTH. The meaning of the word “HEALTH” in Hindi is “Swasthya” and it can be broken down to mean “stability within oneself”. Ideally our body should be so light & fresh that we should not feel the burden/strain of living. For eg. in the case of a headache,we are bound to feel the presence of our head,likewise in the case of pain in our leg / finger- makes us feel their presence. Thus, if our body is in good condition and shape,we would feel burden free. But in recent times,our society has come to associate a healthy body with the notion that the body should be devoid of diseases like diabetes for one,blood-pressure,weak heart,cancer etc.I would like to state that this is an absolutely wrong concept of a healthy body since it being a very negative definition. 
The correct definition / concept of HEALTH is that our body should be fresh and easy to carry. We need to have  good stamina- having a steady reservoir of energy, even if we have to climb many stairs instead of taking elevators. And nowadays,people in general do not possess good stamina and get breathless very soon while doing even a small physical activity.The perfect state of good stamina is that we should not be feeling the drag while climbing a lot of stairs/performing any physically laborious activity. Hence, I would like to put the definition of good HEALTH in this way that our bodies should be fresh,strain free,having good stamina to endure physical activities for longer periods. Secondly, a person who is a powerhouse of dynamic energy and a live wire in each moment ,I would address such a person as being a Healthy Person.
Thirdly,the vital aspect of Health is also how strongly our immune systems work.If the immunity of a person is powerful, thereby making our bodies less susceptible to common diseases,then he/she has a healthy body. And all we need to keep our body healthy is that we need to deeply understand that how our body functions.I would like to pick an example from the discourse of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and share that-when we buy a smartphone,we visit the service center to understand/learn it’s entire functionalities even though it is just another electronic item and always replaceable.But we do not take the most complex machinery in this world namely-Human Body seriously and never take a sincere moment to understand it’s mechanisms.We do not give due importance to the features of our human body like-what to ,when to eat/drink,what should be our emotional state of mind to help better digestion process and release of optimum energy. Correct position to sleep,when to sleep to get deep rest,the correct mental state and timing of food consumption can fill us with ecstasy and compassion;fill us with dynamic energy and enhance stamina. 
The knowledge of these mechanisms can be attained under expert guidance only and reading books on health / attending classes will not serve the purpose.Hence,I would state that coaching would not help and my discourses also are just the transfer of information whereby if they inspire my disciples / listeners to gain life skills,then only can it be deemed meaningful. Because,no change has been brought about just by the transfer of information; until and unless the same is implemented.The correct way is to undertake a training and let the changes come about within us in small steps during our daily routine.Such changes go a long way in helping the body to slowly but surely reach the pedestal called- HEALTH.
Therefore,the foremost dimension of LIFE MANAGEMENT course is our focus towards building and sustaining HEALTH. As already discussed,HEALTH is the possession of a burden free body,good stamina,overflowing energy and an invincible immune system.A lot of times these days,it comes to my notice during my working with the youth and I would request you to pardon my saying this that, immense potential lies unrealized in them and they tend to wander directionless with the lowest possible energies. Hence, I have devised few training methods to fire up and energize their dormant power sources. So,i would humbly request you all to live this one life with awareness of the maximum intrinsic possibilities that our CREATOR has blessed us with.

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