Meditation with Music enables Ecstasy !!!

February 22, 2019


Music performed to aid in the practice of meditation can have miraculous results.The concept also includes music performed as an act of meditation.There are a lot of indispensable reasons to practice musical meditation.The performers are instructed to play only when not thinking or in a state of non-thinking. 

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment,which one can develop through the practice of meditation and through other training. Say for instance,if the world renowned flute player Sri Harprasad Chourasia ji says to himself that let me play the flute,involve the music and reach the state of Mindfulness,it is not necessary that the state would be achieved then and there.The achievement of the state of Mindfulness during meditation is not always possible.It is an event that naturally comes upon the Tapaswi through persistent practice, with or without music. But the Tapaswi / the practitioner of meditation would find it easy to get in and out of Mindfulness if he is a musician as well.If a musician tries to be a Tapaswi / the practitioner of meditation,then he could possibly become a Sage-the highest state of Enlightenment. 

 I would like to sincerely recommend music in our lives because it is the most effortless, simple & easily available way of reaching deep within and touching the innermost consciousness.We should listen to music as per our taste,try to hum songs,dance with music,live in that ecstatic moment- forgetting everything,our daily routine,the hustle bustle of life,even our mobile phones as well.We should self discipline our minds to not to be distracted by the caller on our phone,sms’es or social media notifications . We can create an environment of music at our homes by dedicatedly listening to soft music while having lunch / dinner so that our focus does not waver. This technique has long been implemented in schools where light music is played during subjective classes and while serving kids lunch because music heals as well as calms our restless minds. 

There was a research done in Russia on the effects of music on human mind power while engaged in academics / some other sort of work. The findings of the research went on to prove that if our mind is in a calm / stress free state then it has 10 times more capacity to learn / memorize; which is of vital importance especially in academics. So, while studying,we should play light music in one corner of our room and these musical waves / frequencies have the capability to overlap & overpower every other frequency that may be surrounding and distracting us. Because,the light music playing in our room enables to collate & converge all our focus allowing our conscious mind to vibrate on a single frequency, thereby enabling better assimilation and retention of information.This fact has been proven to be reliable & correct multiple times basis extensive research done the world over. 

Nevertheless,I would conclude by saying that it does not matter if we are good at music [vocal/instrumental],we should put in utmost effort to let music enter into every aspect of our lives and we need to keep humming…

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