Words can either Make or Break You !!!

February 16, 2019


Words are one of the vital instruments that people use to communicate.We all know how important words can be to an individual. The “right” words can mean the difference between being misunderstood or being clear in your communications.The words you write or speak to others can leave a huge impact and create a lasting memory-either good or bad–so it is of utmost importance to choose them wisely. Words can make or break a relationship and your choice of words and the way you express yourself can build up or destroy your career. 
To explain further, I would like to share two examples to validate the importance. First instance that comes up in my mind is that of the battle of Mahabharata. We all know that the entire battle was fought just because of the careless,thoughtless and sarcastic comment of a female that terribly bruised a male’s ego. Once,while visiting the palace of the Pandavas,Duryodhan unknowingly fell down / hit a door shaped wall due to the architectural marvel that the palace was and Draupadii lost no time in commenting smugly that the son of a blind man has acted blind as well. Now this comment went on to pain Duryodhan so much that this small incident became the premise for the entire battle & blood shed of Mahabharata. So,it is correctly said that words can make as well as break a human.
In an another instance,the teacher of a student one day called upon him ; gave him a hand written letter inside an envelope asking him to deliver this message only to his mother at home and that the student should not read it.On reaching his home,the student went & delivered the envelope to his mother.He asked her to read out and share the report with him as well. The mother read out the letter saying that the school administration and his teacher has apologized & advised her to either change the school / arrange to have her son tutored at home. Because, they have found that her son was way too genius / intelligent and the school did not have the competent teachers to address his talent / innumerable questions.The mother then with the agreement of her son arranged for home tutors. A few years later, her son went on to become one of the brightest minds of his times and created the commercially practical incandescent light bulb.The name of this student was Thomas Alva Edison and if not for him,we would still be living & working with candle light. Then,in the later part of his age during the cleaning of his house one day, Thomas Alva Edison chanced upon the same letter from his teacher kept by his mother in a box in the basement of their house. On reading it out, the teacher had clearly mentioned instead that Thomas Alva Edison was a difficult child,with acute learning disability and there were zero chances of him reaching any position in life.Hence,kindly pull him out of our school as he is a bad influence on his class-mates. But, just because of the words his mother chose to use and motivate her son,this very difficult child,with acute learning disability went on to become one of the pioneering inventors of the world.
This then, my friends, goes on to demonstrate the immense power of WORDS…

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