Meditation is NOT the shortcut to supernatural powers…

February 4, 2019


I would like to hereby quash this common myth that meditation helps you to gain phenomenal powers like foreseeing the future / visualizing the past.
I would clarify this with- first in the pursuit of “Who Am I ?” while in deep meditation , we finally come to realize ourselves [our introduction] and also this is the name with which people around us address / identify us daily. Thereafter our quest changes to the realization of previous birth or afterlife which is again as much fake as the current introduction that we have come to identify ourselves with. Our current introduction is not our own but has been lent to us by our parents,family and the society we associate ourselves with. We are living a temporary life in this world with an identity that has been lent to us just for our worldly journey. All such introductions are fake and we are forever stuck in this identity crisis .We keep running around somewhat in an eccentric manner always searching for the unknown ; one of them being our unending curiosity towards – previous birth / afterlife.
It seems funny as such,because even though we humans are incapable of decoding the mysteries of current life but still we are hell bent to unravel the mysteries of previous birth thereby complicating our current lives further. Just imagine, playing two movies at the same time on a single screen,how disturbing and confusing it would look like. I understand that and would mention it because -as and when humans start to drift towards meditation and spirituality,they start to seek something extraordinary / magical and they begin as well to belittle rest of the folks as commoners,downtrodden and sinful. Since, we are the kind of people who once we have started meditation- come to think of ourselves that we are definitely spiritual, thereby closer to the Creator.Hence some remarkable powers should surely come down on us or atleast we should be able to visualize correctly the past / future.We also start behaving according to other people’s opinions about meditation; that it should definitely give us amazing powers and if it doesn’t, it’s not worthwhile to be a regular practitioner of yogic / meditation techniques.
The interesting fact to remind ourselves is that some sensational powers like visualizing light,to be able to foresee future or visit the past should not be our only focus when we start practicing meditation. I would like to assert here that the factual end result of meditation is always “YOU_YOURSELF”. The outcome of it all is the event when you reach the stage of “YOU_the OBSERVER” that we have been emphasizing all along in our discourses and that is the most amazing thing to actually happen. So, i would humbly again request that we should all come out of these confusing paths and always ask the pertinent question “WHO AM I ?” and fully enjoy the journey with the answer received and events that happen along the way. Because after all that has been said and done,truth cannot be denied that whoever has come; has to go one day and when everything else gets diminished,the one who should remain is the_OBSERVER”…

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