The Power of Yes !!!

March 5, 2019


By acknowledging ‘yes,’ we recognise the power in those three letters to give life to our desires.Often we reject opportunities that can have a life-changing effect. It is our fears and insecurities that limit favourable conditions finding their way to us.The word ‘yes’ is energising and has a metaphysical relationship tied to movement and energy. In comparison, ‘no’denotes inertia, motionless and fixedness.‘Yes’ is action oriented and creates momentum.
I would like to share a story here – once in a jungle there was a pregnant Lioness.One day while hunting for prey,she came across a small ravine and while jumping to cross the ravine,the baby cub dropped out from her womb into the bushes below.The lion cub was unhurt in the fall but a flock of sheep was passing through that ravine at the same time and the little one got merged into the flock.The lion cub kept walking among the sheep and grew up with them.During this time,the lion cub picked up all of the mannerisms of sheep like their walking,their food habits[herbivore],their fearfulness from predators and thereby forgot to roar.The lion cub also forgot his natural hunting instincts .He became one among the sheep flock and the sheep also accepted him as their own.The lion cub grew up to become a Barbary Lion in few years but his behavior remained that of a sheep.
Then one day,the flock of sheep encountered a real predator Barbary Lion in the jungle who knew that he is a Lion.The Barbary Lion was observing the flock and was surprised to find another Barbary Lion too among the flock and that this Lion was eating grass like his prey.So,the Barbary Lion attacked the flock and the entire flock along with the junior Lion started running helter-skelter for their lives.This perplexed the senior Lion and he decided to first understand this unnatural behavior of the junior Lion,pounced upon him and finally overpowered the junior Lion.The junior Lion seeing the Barbary Lion over him was shaking like a leaf, started crying like a sheep and struggled to free himself. The Barbary Lion let out a loud roar and this resonated into the junior Lion and  the junior Lion let out a roar himself.This made the junior Lion realize that all this while even though he being the king of the jungle-he was unknowingly living the fearful life of a sheep which was unbecoming of his true potential.By this story I would like to inspire you to unlock your true potential by being self-motivated and remind yourselves to be fearless like a Lion.
We often say ‘no’ to conditions out of our comfort zone due to our unworthiness or ability to seize the challenge. I would firmly recommend that we say ‘yes’ to opportunities and thereafter deliver on our commitment.‘Yes’ can be life transforming, since it unifies our desires and deepest intentions.“Whatever comes your way, accept it as it is and appreciate it for what it contributes to your life — say “yes” and “thanks.” We have to start believing that everything has a purpose and that we are here to learn lessons.We must break away from the survival mentality and advance toward empowering thoughts if we aspire to transform our lives.