WILL POWER-The Potential to Transform !!!

February 13, 2019


Most of us may have often wondered that even though we know the correct from the incorrect and good from the bad, but a lot of times things go wrong in our lives.
I would like to mention here that this is a misconception that everyone is aware about everything- the good from the bad and a Guru would never teach his/her pupils with this thought.Like the parents / elders while counselling their kids think that since they themselves are the authority on correct / incorrect and hence kids would require their regular inputs on everything. But in my opinion,in the current situation, the kids are sometimes more knowledgeable than their parents but this knowledge mostly remains directionless. And if we start being curious enough to analyze and understand the reasons- the why and how of it,then we will become better equipped to handle firstly ourselves and thereafter  our kids.
I would like to elaborate this concept by sharing a short story- “During the battle of Mahabharat, Duryodhan who is considered to be the sole creator of the premise for the entire duel between the two clans,his behavior was morally incorrect and caused a lot of blood-shed. Here i would like to add that very few people may be aware of this incident that- one day Duryodhan went to Bhishma Pitamaah and keeping his head by the feet of Bhishma Pitamaah started weeping bitterly. Tearfully,  Duryodhan accepted that he very clearly knew that he is fighting for a wrong cause,my actions are not virtuous.This is leading me into sin,i have made myself eligible to receive pain ,Hell and this terrible guilt is eating me from within. I often question myself that even though i know and feel that i am committing a grave wrong deed but still why am i unable to stop myself from doing it.
To this Bhishma Pitamaah replied back very beautifully saying that, everything in life does not get solved just by the knowledge / awareness / preaching about the problems / misdeeds.But in practical life,the transformation [change] comes about not through the knowledge about it but happens purely with determined WILL POWER. Bhishma Pitamaah reprimanded Duryodhan saying that you Duryodhan;even though have the knowledge about virtuousness and sin but do not possess the required will power,the determination / strength to deviate yourself from the path of evil. However,this trait of will power was inherent / inseparable from Bhishma Pitamaah and he is known to be an epitome of the same. Bhishma Pitamaah restated this to Duryodhan that he needs to work on his Will Power to find solutions to his problems.”
Now coming back to the real life situations, i would like to mention that the youth of today is much more competent than their elders / parents and there is absolutely no inadequacy of awareness on any domain. But the youth has become aimless like a kite with strings unattached because they lack the most important aspect of-WILL POWER . This power can transform your entire being,can make you limitless and a go-getter. This power can be attained by being with oneself,introspecting and getting relaxed through deep meditation.And during this meditation,the inherent power that springs out like dynamic energy,thereby rejuvenating our dormant consciousness and acting as the cradle to enlightenment is known as-WILL POWER.

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