Women power- Second to None…

January 31, 2019


Are women weaker than men?? The answer to this question is an emphatic NO.
Especially in India, we should never think like that since girls have shown greater mettle and won accolades for the country even in Olympics which were previously male dominated. And the boys are lagging behind in winning medals …I think the girls have actually and literally done the face saving act for the country. I would like to mention that girls/women are the sheer embodiment of SHAKTI and in India, since time immemorial, we have addressed them as POWER [Shakti]. And it is said that the word-SHAKTI  has come out of Lord SHIVA and both are inter-twined becoming one SUPERPOWER.
If we come to think of it just for a moment that if the world did not have females,how unsystematic it would have been. I imagine, maybe we males would have been wandering with no sense of dressing,cooking and we would have a lot of trouble managing anything and our lives as well. Even today, it would not be an overstatement if i say that the females lend purpose to the males  who are otherwise very disorderly .
The world has been given the systematic order by females,the focal and central point of all the love and strength in our homes are females. She is omnipresent in all the forms of a mother,a sister,a wife,a daughter. Hence, females should never ever think that they are in any way lesser than males. Sometimes they may be physically weaker than males,weaker in muscles but GOD has created females with innumerable special gifts that can help them easily surpass many such physically stronger males. Females are a boon to the creation.
Once , one of my male student came upto to me with the logic that males are far superior to females and he vehemently put forth many facts from internet as well that males have higher IQ levels and I should change my opinion that females are better. But i mentioned to him that his information was incomplete and he missed to take into account a factor of LQ- Love Quotient which is very high/strong point for females and very weak in males. The world is definitely run with female LQ and not with male IQ. 
Hence, all the boys and girls should keep this in mind when I reiterate that without females, the entire world would be in chaos and would never be as beautiful as it is today. Girls are forever the source and embodiment of POWER and my big salute to all the females of this world…

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