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Live your life with the grace of God

May 28, 2018

Do you really want to live your life with the grace of God (existence) or you really want to give certain manner to your life. 
If you are giving manner to your life, that’s actually you are going to decide various things in your life but really I must tell you if you feel the role of existence in your life. The existence of playing a great role.
Existence gives you many things and it snatches something. It takes away some things from you and you see that whenever existence gives you something, it vacates your hands, because you are always having something in your hands. So, before giving something great to your hands, it has to snatch something which is already there in your hands. But you are always worried and you are always miserable for the things what you have lost but actually, the things what you are getting, you can’t see. And you are somewhere cling to the lost things. 
You are identified with those things which are in your hands but you know, if you are not going to leave those things which are in your hands, how can you get the new things in your hands? Existence is simply playing a superb, marvelous role of Father or Mother. 

That’s why I am using this parable:-

A boy and his father were sitting on the chair in a garden and father said to his boy: “can you move that Rock in front of me?”. There is a big rock.
Son said to his father: “are you joking, that is a very heavy Rock. I can’t move that rock.” 
Father said: ” No go and try to move that rock.” Son tried but it was really very difficult to move that rock because the rock was very heavy. 

Then the father said: “try your level best to move that rock.”
And the boy really tried his level best to move that rock but he was not capable of moving that because the rock was very heavy. Very hard he tried, tried and tried, at last, he got to fail.

Son said: ” I kept my all energy, I put my all energy, I can’t ….., no I can’t move this Rock”.

Father said: “no you have not used your all strength.”

Son said, ” no father, I have used all my strength .”

Father said: “no, no…., you haven’t used your all strength.” 

He replied: ” how can you say, I tried, I tried a hundred percent”.

 Father said: “no, no…., yet you have not asked me to help you, I am also your strength”.

         So you know the Existence is the strength.  Existence is not there to snatch things from you or to give you suffering or to give you miseries.  Existence is there to give you the other classes like you are in the 2nd class then the existence is there to promote you for the 3rd class, for the 4th class and whole life is simple, you can say the way of promotion and the master or the teacher is existence.

        So believe in the existence, just see that you have lived a long life and in this life, you have seen that various things happened and these things are just there to promote you from life to lives.

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