Balancing our Mind through Meditation…

February 22, 2019


           There is no consensus on the question of what makes us humans special, or whether we even are special. The biggest point of contention is whether our thinking & analytical abilities differ from those of other animals “in kind,” or merely in degree. As we all know,the key differentiator between humans and animals is our brain which creates emotions,ideas and thoughts. The brain / mind is the most remarkable aspect of humans basis which we have evolved and progressed over the centuries.Humans have developed the quality to generate a practically limitless variety of words and concepts.Because,even after 5000 years of their existence,the ape has not changed much but we humans have evolved,came a long way and made several overall advancements to this planet and ourselves.
Some people who are not inclined to develop their mental faculties remain untouched by the ecstasy that we can convert our lives into.They are unable to unfold their artistic and creative abilities over the period of time.Therefore,to cater to this void,we have come up with an extensive course named-LIFE MANAGEMENT through which we specifically target & train the participants to develop the 12 aspects of LIFE. The course is of a duration of 6 days and 2 types of aspects are covered in a day’s workshop. The most dominant facet of the course is the Human Brain / Intelligence and we train the participants to get deep insights and thereby decode the mechanisms.
Now,to share an overview,I would like to explain that our human brain can be divided into two equal hemispheres[regions] namely right hemisphere and left hemisphere.Scientists and psychologists have after years of extensive research concluded, that some humans work from their right brain and others work from their left brain or we can say humans are right / left brain inclined.The people who are right brain inclined, find it easy to understand the beauty of lights,colours,music,have an artistic bend,they are emotional beings and sentiments come naturally to them. However,the people who are left brain dependent,are better off with logical reasoning,calculations,good with arguments/debates and may have proficiency with multiple languages. And the challenge of people with left brain inclination is that they find it very difficult to understand the beauty of lights,colours,music,emotions and with respect to the people with right brain inclination,they find it very tough to get a grasp / understanding of logical reasoning,calculations,languages or statistical figures.
Thus, to understand that why are our mental faculties designed differently,there are a lot many techniques in meditation[Praanayaam] and Yoga.They specifically serve this very purpose of aligning / connecting both the right and left hemispheres so that they are able to work in tandem. This fact causes some people to be full of love,emotions and sentiments, but they are paupers due to being right brain aligned while others may be filthy rich,good with reasoning,go-getters, but are utter failures in matters of love & long lasting relationships due to their left brain functionality. However,if this synchronisation of left and right brain can be achieved,then that would remarkably result in the smooth functioning of both our businesses and relationships in Life. During the course of the LIFE MANAGEMENT workshop,we take the participants through various meditation techniques,games,activities & thought provoking discourses so that both the right & left brain get equally engaged and work together.
The perfect balance of both these brain alignments make us humans COMPLETE thereby enabling us to lead a life overflowing with abundance,fulfillment and contentment. 

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