How to be an effective ORATOR,PRESENTER…

January 29, 2019


This make believe world that we today live in is forever evolving and as rightly said -“Change is the only thing permanent in this Universe.” The best time to change is before we are asked / forced to change by the unpredictable circumstances.
Everybody from all walks of life wants to be successful in professional and personal spheres of their lives.
The mantra to achieve this has below mentioned 3 focal points and the blend of these can make you a performance driven individual and the owner of a magnetic personality.
1-INVOLVEMENT– This quality of getting physically, emotionally and mentally involved in the assignments / tasks at hand can be cultivated by thorough discipline of avoiding distractions. The person who does not procrastinate meaning does not keep things pending to be done on a later date has higher chances of being successful at whatever they attempt in LIFE.
2-VITALITY– We all want to be like that person in our group / the mentor we look up whose core is energetic and who is always raring to go at the drop of a hat. Such a person is always excited about life,is ready to handle any challenge with his never say die attitude. The secret to being energetic is that even though there can be dull days as well when we do not want to do / attend to things that are necessary and cannot be delayed. But through sheer discipline which should be an integral part of our personalities,we would be able to bounce back on our bad days ; be a live wire [always energetic] and our achievements would be the source of inspiration to the family & society at large.
3-LISTENING– It is said that the best form of flattery is our enthusiastically listening to a person without interrupting him/her.This subtle quality is the anchor to the entire data analytics and output mechanism as every situation / task requires a two way communication. Every great leader / successful personality of his times has been a avid listener.
This trait is of absolute importance in the current age as everybody is highly impatient to put forth his / her point of view irrespective of the fact that the same may be right / wrong.
On a lighter vein – just like students start answering a question before reading it entirely / understanding the crux of it for reaching to the solution. Hence, our emphasis should always be to give a patient ear to the speaker [input], give time to our mind [processor] to analyze and then communicate back with a befitting reply.
Hence, the amalgamation of the above qualities with persistent and patient practice can make you a go-getter and enable you to lead a contended LIFE. 

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