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Life Engineering

January 10, 2013

Have you ever given a thought that what is life? People curse life sometimes they admire but they never try to explore the life engineering. Let’s start to unveil this mystery. Try to unfold all the folds in which life exists. First, what is visible? It is our body. Have you ever try to understood or feel your body? The first misconception about your understanding is that ‘you are the body’. When I touch your hand and ask you, what is this? You say it’s my hand. You don’t say it’s me. You say it’s my face or it’s my leg or it’s my heart. So the first thing to be understood is, I am not the body, skin, flesh, blood, bones, and bone marrow. It’s all matter but with a great miraculous harmony, great coordination and great self-healing ability. When I asked a scientist, sir, can we make a machine like human body where we can put food material at one end and get waste material at the other end after extracting blood, bone, and flesh’. See how nicely your stomach is digesting what so ever you feed in 24 hours without any noise. Well, it’s a long way to understand our mysterious body function but what we can do is, we should salute that engineer every morning and we should take care of this marvelous gift of the God. Do one experiment to feel your body. Close your eyes and imagine for a few seconds that you have lost your legs in an accident. Feel it deeply. Then after few minutes touch them and thank god that they are still there. And one by one you can do with your all body parts. I must tell, you will fall in love with your body. Say to each part, I love you; I will take care of you. Now start to understand your mind. What is the mind? It is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. As you can not find society anywhere, it’s a group of people. So in the same way you can not find mind as it’s a group of thoughts. Again be clear with it, it is not you. it’s your mind or your thought, your opinions, your perceptions. To understand your mind you have to sit silently and start to watch your thoughts. Once Arvindo asked his master what is enlightenment? Master said “sit silently and feels your mind, it is a sweet jaggery and various flies as thoughts are hovering flying around. Wait and watch those flies until all flies go away and he sat 3 days continuously and eventually he said that the last fly has gone. Now there are no thoughts.

I must tell you from my own experience that if you regularly sit for 10 min for a few days. Authentically, you will find your thoughts aloof from you. You can actually find them as furniture in your room. Even you can throw unwanted thoughts and use creative thoughts as you like. And once you find a source of thoughts you can stop them any time or channelize them in a certain direction. Just sit silently and witness your breathing coming in and going out. You will be able to watch even thoughts.

Now start to understand your emotions. You just have to be a part of emotional activities and try to be alert that how they surround you, how they let you flow. It’s again a part of being conscious about your body, mind, and feelings. And then comes original “you” who are you? Who is watching and using body, mind, and emotions? And just by learning to watch body mind and emotions, you will find yourself, your being and your cosmopolitan nature. And that art of watching, knowing and being master of all is ‘Meditation’. Now you are a real engineer because you have found the secret of existence and final enlightenment.

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