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Real Engineering with Meditation

June 10, 2013

Engineering of the creator of this world is not only technically perfect but very colorful and full of fragrance. What do you think, is there somebody sitting and creating this magnificent world. No, this is nothing but a creative energy working through you and me. Its all depend on you and me whether we allow this energy to work or not. If you are an engineer and you know all technical knowledge but if you are not creative you are not able to think unique and new. You are only a robot, not a human being. Every year innumerable engineers are passing out from different universities but very few are capable of making miracles. Otherwise all other are having a stable good job, good package and job security. No, you are not really completed with these all. You are a human being more than an engineer. When you start to allow a space within you, you can feel a great creative force is working through you. And you have nothing to do for it. Already you are an engineer. You have proved that you are there to create, you are there to make this world not only more comfortable but beautiful also. Now, what is required to add that omnipotent creative energy with your caliber? We call it space within you, which can be easily created by Meditation. Actually what happens when you try to meditate?

You will find a lot many thoughts and uneasiness during the first few days but if you are patient and trying a few more days you will find gaps in your thoughts. But for that you just have to sit, you don’t have to do any effort to stop your thoughts or to create this gap. Just sit every day for 15-20 minutes and watch what happens. And you will find in this small gaps, the mind will get some rest. And always remember only rest or relaxation begets creativity. As mind will get rest. It will be revived it will be rejuvenated. It will be vivified. And now you can see how this creative force starts to bloom. You will get a hundred and one new ideas. New ways of doing the old routine things and new concepts of doing unique things. Be aware of your creative possibility otherwise, you will be only a servant of a few creative people. Take care this is the right time to be an owner. To be a leader and it won’t be exasperation to say to be a god. Because whole creation has got the energy called god and when you create you became that energy called god. Start to sit just sitting and doing nothing and I assume from my experience the creativity and courage to make it true it will shower on you.

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